What can we make?


1. Complete Production

From the first pencil sketch to the final dispatch we have the tools and people to make it all happen.
Simply tell us how big your story is.


2. Video Editing

If you already have footage that has been filmed or created else where we can edit it all in house. Depending on the quality of the elements we have been supplied we can then output these to High Res formats and distribute them accordingly.

3. Infographic /Animated Videos

These can be used for a variety reasons and are quite cost effective to produce.
Ideally used in presentations, training material, or a simple TVC campaign and stackable online content.

4. Scalability

One of our key strengths is being a scalable production company. Offering only what is needed when it is needed.

High Scale

Bring all parties and elements together to create your TVC or high-end brand film that will be a strong backbone to a national campaign.

Medium Scale

Plan, design, shoot, animate, edit, voice over and deliver your online video content

Low Scale

Simply be there to record or capture PR based content and turn it around quickly.